Strange Fishing Finds

Most anglers have some clear thoughts in mind as to the type of experience they are going to have when they are about to go on a fishing adventure. The whole concept of this activity is to be able to catch the type of fish that are most likely to be found in the bodies of water that they are going to be fishing in. There are times though that they may get more than what they bargained for.

A Squid Instead of a Fish

There are many different types of species of fish. One may set out to fish for one type and land another. But, on occasion, a person fishing may come across something totally unexpected. That was the case of one individual fishing in the ocean who came across a giant squid that had washed up upon the shore. The team that came across the squid indicated that it was 14 ft. 9 in. long. This is an event that took place in New Zealand, but it is not unusual for giant squids to be found here in this region.

New Discovery

With the earth being so populated and the number of fish that are caught each year not only in New Zealand but around the world, one would think that all species have been identified. This is not the case however as reported by National Geographic. A new species had been identified in New Zealand through a deep-sea fishing excursion. Not only one but several strange fish have been found in the region that includes the white rattail, a slick head and this recent one called the flabby whalefish.


Although on occasion there may be a new species of fish discovered great concern exists for the fish that have now become extinct or those that are now considered endangered. It estimated that 20% of the freshwater fish that exist in the world fall into this category.