There are so many different regions in New Zealand that offer some incredible fishing opportunities. Many people suggest fishing in the Southern Lake area because very seldom is there any disappointment in the fishing adventures that take place here.

Large Southern Lakes

Naturally, if your decision to fish is going to be on the Southern Lakes, then you want to know what the fishing opportunities are here. For those that love to fish by boat, they are going to be afforded the opportunity to fish for salmon, and both common types of trout, which are the rainbow and the brown trout. While the lakes are the main draw for many anglers, for those who are into fly fishing, there are some other amazing opportunities. The fly fishing angler is going to want to seek out the coastal streams or rivers, such as the Taieri or Pomahaka rivers.

Taieri River

The headwaters here house the Loganburn Dam. This is an irrigation reservoir. It includes a fishery of brown trout. This is an area that can be enjoyed by fly fishing anglers, but many other methods are successfully used here.

The South Island

For those that want the ultimate fly fishing experience, many people head off to the South Island in New Zealand. The catch of the day there will be trout. The fishing season for this occurs from October 1 and will continue to about the end of April in most cases. It is essential to check the actual date for the fishing seasons, as these can change.

Using Guides

Although the Southern Lakes is a popular destination for the fly fishing anglers, there are many different angling locations within them. Those individuals that are not familiar with the area may want to rely on the expertise of a New Zealand fishing guide. These professionals have the knowledge of where the best fishing spots are.