Many different components make up an exciting fly fishing experience in New Zealand. Also, to add to the excitement, are the different regions in which one can enjoy this form of fishing. But, one that is considered to be the best by many that fly fish is Queenstown.

The Queenstown Region

The atmosphere in which one fishes makes up part of the adventure. For those that enjoy fly fishing, they also enjoy how much in touch with nature this allows for. When one can enjoy this type of fishing in a region that is surrounded by mountainous terrain, then it just makes the occasion all that more enjoyable. This is one of the many reasons why Queenstown is such a popular spot. To get to the best areas, it means about a 45-minute drive from the main town. The favourite destination for this region will be at the end of Lake Wakatipu. Here, there are many rivers to be found that are laden with both brown and rainbow trout.

Mode of Transportation

Many are able to get to their favourite fly fishing areas in Queenstown by car, or for those anxious to get into the angling mode, they can take a helicopter flight that is going to allow them to get to the more remote areas in a short period.

The Catch

Of course, every fly fishing enthusiast is going to be most keen on the type of potential catch that awaits them. In the majority of cases, the catch will range from three to six pounds, but the chance of landing one in the ten-pound range is a possibility.

There are plenty of fly fishing business operators in this area, that are ready, willing and able, to provide their services. This can range from fishing gear to guides, to modes of transportation.