There are a lot of places in different parts of the world where an avid fishing enthusiast may choose to visit. For many, the location they put at the top of their list, is New Zealand and, for a good reason.

New Zealand Fishing

For those that enjoy river fishing, there is plenty of that here to be appreciated. The catch of the day with this type of angling, maybe brown trout or rainbow trout. Then, for those that want to embark on some of the most exciting ocean fishing expeditions, there are lots of opportunities to do so. What makes New Zealand such an excellent choice for fishing, is that it is the perfect setting for the most experienced fishermen, as well as the beginners.

What Do You Want to Fish For?

The first question you need to think about is; which species of fish are you wanting to go after? There are undoubtedly plenty to choose from, such as a variety of sharks, marlin, trout and yellowfin tuna, along with a few others.

Choosing the Best Locations

Another decision to be made after deciding on the type of species you are fishing for, is where are the best locations going to be? For example, if you are going to fly fish, then you may want to go to Lake Taupo in Waikato. Or, if you are a beginner, and are interested in trout, then a good location would be the Motueka River.

Saltwater Fishing

There are some whose interest only lies in saltwater fishing, and New Zealand is not going to disappoint them. A location that is appropriate for both boat, and land, fishing is Gisborne, Eastland. For charter fishing, then you may want to consider the Bay of Islands.

It is easy to see that there is no shortage of choice, and options when it comes to fishing in New Zealand.