No matter whether you are a local resident, or visitor, to New Zealand, fishing is probably something that you are at least going to want to try. No matter how much of a novice, or how experienced, you are with this type of activity, some safety rules are applicable to everyone.

Fishing from Land

Most people feel that fishing from land is safer than angling on the open waters. This may well be correct, but there are still some safety factors to keep in mind. One of the on-land forms of fishing in New Zealand is rock fishing. This is where the angler will take up their position on rocks that are located out in the water. While they may safely have their footing, they may neglect to stay aware of the massive waves that could arrive at any given time. These waves are capable of sweeping the person off the rocks, which can cause them to end up in deep water.

Preventative Measures

One of the most positive steps any person that is fishing can take for their own safety is to take preventative measures. There are a few, but essential guidelines for this.

  • Know the area: There are so many different places to fish in New Zealand. Many of them may have their own risk factors. It is up to the person catching in these areas to know what the potential dangers are. By doing so, they can implement the appropriate measures to help keep them safe
  • Don’t fish alone: It doesn’t matter how good a person may be at fishing, or how experienced they are. It is a good rule that nobody should fish alone. Especially if they are planning on fishing in remote locations
  • Communication: Everyone that is enjoying a fishing outing should be sure to have some form of a communication device on them, and must make sure that it is working correctly in the location they are in