When one is about to head to New Zealand to enjoy some of the exceptional fishing here, they are most likely going to receive a lot of advice. It may come from those that have already had the opportunity to fish here. Or, it could be from the residents of New Zealand, who are so familiar with the fishing adventures to be had here.

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful pieces of advice for those angling in this country is to use the services of a fishing guide. There are some excellent reasons for doing this including;

  • The guides are familiar with the different forms of fishing
  • Guides know where the best fishing spots are
  • Many of the guides can give some great fishing tips
  • When it comes to safety, the guides are going to make this a priority.

Regulations for Guides

What some don’t realise, is that there are no formal regulations for fishing guides in New Zealand. Most of the guides are self-taught and are relying on their angling experience to offer these types of services. Some have been trained by others, and have gone on to classify themselves as guides. There are businesses in New Zealand within the fishing industry that formally offer guide services.

Official Training

Some organisations are working on setting up courses that guides will be able to take and earn some type of accreditation for this. If, and when, this takes place, then it may change this form of business in the future.

The companies that are offering guides have taken significant steps to turn this into a professional service. They have done this by studying what the wants, and needs are, of the clients who will use their services. This may make these particular guides more in tune with their customers, but there are still plenty of excellent guides that work independently.