While there are many incredible places to fish in New Zealand, there are indeed some that are better than others. For those new to the superb fishing environment here in NZ, it is unlikely that they will be familiar with the best locations. This is when hiring a local guide is invaluable, to avoid wasting time.

Choosing the Location

The final decision as to where one wants to fish will be up to the individual who is setting out on their angling adventure. They have the option of hiring a fishing guide that is prepared to attend this area with them. Or, another option, is to outline the type of fishing one wants to do, and let the guide decide where the best location is for this.

Sound Advice

Many visit New Zealand with their only goal to be that of enjoying some great fishing. However, they may not be aware of what all their options are. If they are open to suggestions, then a fishing guide can provide some valuable information. In this case, the angler will most likely have to obtain their fishing gear in NZ, as opposed to bringing it with them. This is another benefit of using a guide. Many of them will be familiar with the exact tackle that is needed. They will also probably be able to suggest some resources for obtaining any equipment as needed.

Safety Factors

The various types of fishing that are available, each come with their own safety factors. A guide will be able to impart safety knowledge to an angler, that may pertain to a specific type of fishing, or in regards to a certain area.

Another advantage of using a guide is their expertise as to where to go, and what type of fishing best suits the skill levels of their clients.