Every fisherman/woman needs to hire or purchase a certain amount of equipment to be able to enjoy the sport of fishing. For those that live in or visit New Zealand regularly, there is a very good chance they are going to want to do some fishing. The following article explores the basic equipment required for beginners.

Rod and Reel

This is the most common and necessary piece of fishing equipment. The type and style depends on the type of fishing the rod will be used for. Naturally, fishing for trout is going to require a different rod compared to those indulging in saltwater fishing. The angler first has to decide on what type of fishing they are going to do for the most part and then choose a rod and reel that best suits their needs.


Another must-have piece of equipment is the line. The most reliable lines are made of nylon fibre. Each variation comes with different specs as to the weight of the fish that it can handle.


This is where costs can add up, depending on what the choice of bait is. There are many that fish that like to use live bait. The cost for this can vary, but it is an expense that needs to be considered with every fishing occasion. The other option is to use lures. There are many different varieties of these and they can range in price from relatively cheap to quite expensive. The difference is that once they are purchased, the angler can use them for repeated fishing trips. Although, it is quite common to lose lures, as they can get caught up in debris in the water.

Aside from the above basics, there are all kinds of additional equipment that the angler may need or desire as their fishing experience and expertise grows.