Fishing Enthusiasts Moving to New Zealand

There are many enticing reasons why one would want to or consider move to New Zealand. But for some, who are about to enjoy early retirement one of their main reasons for making the move is, so they can spend their golden years enjoying the great fishing that will be available to them in this country.

Getting Established in New Zealand

Once the decision has been made to move to NZ, and all the proper documentation has been approved for the new residency. There are a lot of things that need to be settled before an individual can settle down to enjoying some of the good fishing here. One of the tasks will be to seek out a good financial institution where one can look after their personal banking needs. Perhaps if the newcomer is looking to buy a house here they will need to arrange for a mortgage. In this case they are going to need to familiarize themselves with the lending institutions that will accommodate them.

Enjoying Some Good New Zealand Fishing Experiences

For those who have made New Zealand their home, so they can enjoy the fishing here they are in for some wonderful experiences. It all begins with the different species that can be fished for. This is going to includes different varieties of shark and a few different species of trout. Then there is the Pacific blue or black marlin or perhaps the broadbill.


At first, most newbies want to try the different types of fishing before they decide on one or two favourites. One of the first things to be learned is what are the fishing seasons. For those that want to fish the lakes and rivers then they are looking at starting in October. What may be excluded from this at this time is fishing for rainbow trout.