Every angler likes to have one complete, interesting resource that they can turn to, that is going to give them a variety of information about their favourite past time, which for many is sports fishing. That is what this site covers. It contains a variety of different information. What is found here will be of great interest, not only to the novice angler but the seasoned ones as well. For ease of use, the site is divided into different sections. This way, viewers can go to their field of interest immediately, but it is worthwhile taking the time to review all the sections because each one of them is loaded with some great information.

Sports Fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is our country of choice for this site because it has some of the most exceptional fishing opportunities that exist.

Guided Fishing Trips in New Zealand

This section focuses on the importance of using a guide for most fishing adventures that take place in New Zealand. It gives some great tips for choosing the perfect fishing guide.

Fishing Locations

This is broken down into specific sections, to highlight some of the best places to experience great fishing in New Zealand. The section deals with Queenstown and the southern lake areas.

Important News

As an angler, no matter what level of experience you have, you are going to enjoy our news section, as it is diversified in what it has to offer. The priority here is to keep you informed.